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Resource Center


CD copies available after the service

The sermon messages from each Sunday are available after the Morning Worship Service in our Bookstore. You can get a copy on CD and play it in your favorite audio playback device.

The sermons are also available in our Sermon Archive and are recorded in MP3 format. You can listen to them right away on-line or download the sermons so that you will be able to listen over and over to God’s Word being proclaimed

We trust these messages will inspire, strengthen your faith and be a guide to growing your relationship with Jesus Christ.

.Enjoy God’s Word and may you be Blessed!


Download Articles in PDF Format

Reading God’s Word should be a top priority in our daily lives, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to us as we read.

Pastor Druktenis has written several articles to encourage and inspire. The articles are written to be a blessing and to help understand the importance of growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Topics such as:

“Healing for a Hurting World” - “Showing our Love to One Another” - Why was Jesus Born?”

The articles are ‘free’ and you can read them on-line or download them in PDF format to read over and over. We trust that as you read them your desire to walk in God’s love will become stronger every day!

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