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Church Office Hours

Tuesday thru Friday  

9:00 AM  - 3:00 PM

Smith’s Community Rewards Program

Donate to the Building / Property Purchase Fund simply by shopping at Smith’s

How to participate in the Smith’s Community Rewards Program

New Life Family Fellowship will receive/earn a percentage of your grocery register total automatically.  Customers must have a registered Smith’s rewards card account and link it to New Life Family Fellowship.

Don’t have a Smith’s Rewards card? They are available at the customer service desk at any Smith’s

After you receive your Smith’s rewards card, you create an on-line Smith’s account by entering basic information, verifying your email, enter your rewards card number and choose New Life Family Fellowship as the organization you would like to support through shopping at Smith’s.  Our New life Family Fellowship assigned number is 92116… just in case you need it.

You will find step-by-step enrollment instructions and be able to register on-line at:


REMEMBER, purchases will not count until after participants register their rewards card on-line.

So what is next?  Go Shopping at Smith’s!  After you shop, (for each purchase to count) be sure to swipe your registered Smith’s rewards card or use the phone number related to your registered Smith’s rewards card.

We encourage each of our members to secure a Smith’s rewards card and help our Building/Purchase Fund reach its goal simply by shopping at Smith’s. However, if you don’t shop at Smith’s, go here.

Reach out to family members, friends and neighbors who may be happy to participate. Above all, PRAY as New Life Family Fellowship endeavors to expand and reach more souls for the Kingdom of God.

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